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How Do Mobile Notary Fees Work?

Mobile notary fees typically encompass three parts: the notarization fee, the travel fee and the hourly wage or appointment fee. The notarization fee is regulated by state law and applies to each individual signature notarized. The travel fee is what mobile notaries charge to come to your location, which can vary based on distance–usually roundtrip–and time taken. The rate charged for the appointment fee is typically based on the state hourly wage, though many notaries will charge a flat fee as the state hourly wage constantly fluctuates. Selecting a mobile notary can be cost-effective, especially when dealing with multiple documents, saving your time and providing a hassle-free experience. Be sure to confirm the fees upfront to avoid any surprises!

SSM Notary is all about transparency when it comes to service fees. The rate charged for mobile notary service is a combination of the state mandated notarization fee, the current federal mileage rate (65.5 cents per mile as of 2023)–calculated roundtrip–and the hourly wage. Read on to learn more about the different services provided.

General Notary Work Fees

Travel fee(s) not covered in prices.

Illinois Notarization Fee

$1.00 per signature

Indiana Notarization Fee

$10.00 per signature

Appointment Fee

$20.00 hourly

Specialized Mobile Notary Services

These services fall outside of the scope of general notary work and are subject to special fees.

Notary Signing Services

View service details, fee schedules and more…

I-9 Verification Services

View service details, fee schedules and more…

Miscellaneous Services

Service costs listed do not include travel fees

Notarial Certificate


Copy Certification

$10.00/copy. Client makes all copies and signs certificate before notary public.


$100.00. Original documents required.

Minor Travel Consent Forms

$20.00. Parent(s) must be present to sign documents. Child’s birth certificate and ID are required to be shown.

Exam Proctoring Services

$50.00 per hour

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