General notary services. Travel fee(s) not covered in prices.

Cost Per Signature


State of Illinois mandated fee

Hourly Rate (for Appointments)


For every hour over one (1) hour

Notary Signing Services

Travel fee(s) not covered in prices.

One Loan Document Set


Two Loan Documents Set


Loan Document Printing

$25.00 one set, $10.00 each additional

Document Copies

$25.00 one set, $10.00 each additional

No-Show Fee

$25.00 in addition to travel fee

Refusal to Sign Fee

$25.00 in addition to travel fee

Travel Fees

Fees are based on actual physical distance between notary and client

0-5 Miles

$25.00 – $45.00

6-10 Miles

$40.00 – $60.00

11-15 Miles

$55.00 – $75.00

16-20 Miles

$70.00 – $85.00

21-25 Miles

$85.00 – $105.00

Over 25 Miles

$0.58/additional mile rounded to nearest whole dollar

Miscellaneous Services

Notary service costs listed do not include travel fees

Notarial Certificate


Copy Certification

$10.00/copy. Client makes all copies and signs certificate before notary public.


$100.00. Original documents required.

Minor Travel Consent Forms

$20.00. Parent(s) must be present to sign documents. Child’s birth certificate and ID are required to be shown to notary public.

Proctoring Services

$50.00 per hour

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