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Time-efficiency, accuracy, and a worry-free experience are just a few of the things you get for yourself when you use a notary public for I-9 verification services. Choosing a notary to be your I-9 authorized representative guarantees a smoother process. We are first and foremost legally bound to exacting standards when it comes to verifying identities, which ensures your business maintains compliance with immigration laws, avoiding potential penalties and legal complications. We also understand the intricacies of I-9 forms, allowing us to complete verifications more swiftly and accurately than those unfamiliar with the procedure. Having a notary authorized representative means being in trustworthy and capable hands. We prioritize data confidentiality and security, ensuring your employees’ sensitive information is treated with the utmost care and respect.

Don’t let navigating the complexities of I-9 forms slow down your hiring process. Your business deserves a reliable partner that performs I-9 verification services with proficiency and precision! SSM Notary offers swift, secure, and dependable services, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what truly matters – growing your business. The SSM standard is maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality and diligence, leaving no room for error. You get more than a service provider; you have a competent partner in ensuring seamless I-9 compliance. Together, we can streamline your hiring process. Whether you need on-site verification for remote employees or prefer to have candidates visit your office, SSM can accommodate your needs, offering the most convenient and flexible service possible!

LEGAL NOTE: While it is of course highly recommended to use a notary public as your I-9 authorized representative, I-9 forms should NEVER be stamped! We will fill out your forms, but never request stamps on an I-9 form from SSM Notary or any notary!

I-9 Verification Fee

$25.00 per verification

Does not include costs to travel to desired location. For more information about travel fees, click here.

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